Happy Monday,

6th – Today we reviewed order of operations  We also had homework reviewing scientific notation (worksheet)

7th – Today we briefly discussed the rules for multiplying and dividing integers and then moved onto solving equations by addition and subtraction.

8th – We started with square root around the world.  We then reviewed “PEMDAS” or the order of operations.  We ended with order of operations bingo which we will start with tomorrow.



Hello All, Happy Friday

I apologize for not posting.

6th grade- Mid Chapter quiz.  Students over all were very successful.  One consistent mistake involving negatives which we discussed as a class after. If your student did not like their score on the quiz they will have the opportunity Monday to retake the quiz.

7th grade- Project presentation was amazing! Several groups were not able to present today due to group members being absent.  We will finish those Monday.  We took a short quiz over the project topics.  This quiz is not a test grade!!! This will be put in the homework section and is predominately for me to see that we have mastered these topics.

8th grade- CHEEZ-IT’s are PERFECT SQUARES!!!! Ask your student about this incredibly fun activity! We also had some time for committee work.


Happy Tuesday!

6th Grade: Your homework is to finish the assignment that you were given yesterday.  We are almost finished with BizTown prep!

7th grade: You were given an assignment, however, I didn’t give you enough time in class so please save it and we will discuss it tomorrow!

8th grade: Homework P. 18-19 #’s 32-50 even, 54-56


Hello all and Happy Monday!

6th grade today we worked on two different things, first of all we did a little preperation lesson for Eagle Bluff using paper air planes.  After this we did some more Biztown prep working with banking and checkbooks etc.

7th grade today we jumped into the textbooks and started chapter one.  Today was a review of variables and operations.  Homework was page 8 numbers 20-46 even and challenge problems 48 and 49.

8th grade we jumped into the textbook today and started the first section.  this is review for us on using variables and operations.  We were not able to finish the section today so there was no homework!

Please parents be aware that I will be at Eagle Bluff with the students Wednesday – Friday and will likely not post on the blog.  8th grade you will likely be doing some math with Mrs. Kapler

Have a wonderful Monday evening!


Hello All!

This year I have chosen to start the year using only one WordPress blog page rather than one for each grade level.  I hope this can make things easier on other teachers and students.  This week we have been working on the Week of inspirational Math which is a beginning of the year program from a math Guru by the name of Jo Bohler.  She does some wonderful inspirational activities to begin getting us into the math brain!  I have added the link for her website incase you would like to check out her program further as we have only had enough time for a few of her activities.  I look forward to a wonderful year with each and every one of you!

Mr. Smith


A STEM Fair update:  We are up to 38 projects for our STEM Fair on January 19th!  We are in need of many volunteers to make this event successful. No experience necessary.  If you would like to volunteer for this event please sign up with the following link:



There are all kinds of jobs that need filling and  this is a very fun event! Thank you in advance for your support!


The STEM Fair Committeee


9/20/16 For Your Information!

Hello Parents and Students alike, I just wanted to update you on the use of my blogs, I have my blog set up like a website and this message is currently on the “Home Page”.  This page is sparsely used for notes that will be going out to all parents of all my students, I will also use this page to communicate with my homeroom parents any information that will augment any parents emails I send out.  If you look up towards my header, there are some different tabs, these tabs link into other teachers websites, but they also link to my other pages.  Each of my math classes has their own page.  This page will have information about your child’s specific class including what sections or activities we covered that day, any homework they may have or something they may need the next day!  If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to email me! If you email on a Friday, Saturday or Sunday, please note I may not get back to you until first thing Monday morning!

Thank you and I look forward to another wonderful year here at All Saints!

Last Day

Hello all,

As the school year draws to a close, I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who made this year the most amazing experience! I cant wait to see what next year might hold and to see all of you again!  I encourage all of you to stick to your goals this summer and keep your math brain working!  Have a fantastic summer!

-Mr. Smith